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Site Acts has been designing and developing custom software for over 25 years. We work in a variety of programming languages, platforms, and frameworks and are an ideal choice if you need to develop software but want to keep our involvement private. We have engineered software for clients who have been told that their projects are too complex or undoable and have also stepped in when a client’s in-house development team has hit a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. We’re also experts at updating legacy code for our clients. Talk to us, let us create your software for you.
Be it an innovative idea or a specific business objective, SiteActs is ready to accept any application development challenge.
Site Acts stored data in your organization’s databases is a critical resource for your people to thrive and survive.
Site Acts would perform a comprehensive code review and analysis, an audit of your system’s existing security, and, if necessary, a review of governmental controls
Site Acts developers have experience building applications to meet compliance rules and policy standards and can engineer your e-Learning or training platform to conform with any necessary requirements.
Site Acts will help you bridge that gap while giving you the added assurance of working with software developers who know the nuances of building compliant software solutions.
Custom biomedical software applications have special considerations that require a particular level of expertise when it comes to HIPAA compliance and FDA approval.
Great connected hardware requires great software. Our Whole Product Methodology puts your product on the path toward success by unifying software development, hardware engineering, and UI/UX design.
Site Acts offers consulting services for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses draws on our own experience combining the art of software development with the practical logic required to make a software project successful
Our holistic approach to app security relies on network, access, and data protection throughout the entire SDLC. We build up comprehensive security strategies in compliance with leading industry security standards.
Site Acts offers graphic design expertise to incrementally produce stunning experience from raw sketches
Our agile engineers are based in North America and have worked on pro audio software projects for major industry clients worldwide. We are comfortable with the nuances of engineering audio applications and are committed to meeting our clients’ needs with highest levels of professionalism.
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Site Acts has been designing and developing innovative custom software since 2002. We have built software for over 5000 clients from a diverse set of industries including education, aerospace, music technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and more. Coding the impossible.

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