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A security audit can help you gain a better understanding of the threats to your system by evaluating what is being protected, why it’s valuable, who might want it, and how someone might try to harm your organization. A thorough security audit would involve a number of steps, some of which include: reviews of the development lifecycle and of non-functional requirements as well as an analysis of the language(s), libraries, and tools used to develop your system, and a review of your security architecture. In addition, during a security audit, we would perform a comprehensive code review and analysis, an audit of your system’s existing security, and, if necessary, a review of governmental controls. Through our security audit, your project would also benefit from an analysis of your software development lifecycle (SDLC) support and documented remedies that can be implemented to mitigate against deficiencies in the development process. During our software security analysis, we would examine your current set of security guidelines and policies as well as the coding standards that have been followed. Based on our findings, we would then be able to make suggestions for fully integrating security into the whole lifecycle of your system, from requirements to deployment.

Review of Governmental Controls

If applicable, we review relevant government policy, regulations, and guidelines to ensure that the system will meet or exceed the requirements for interacting with government systems, or deployment in a governmental setting.

SDLC Support Analysis

We review the support structures around the development process. This review includes elements such as management support, bug tracking, testing, etc. Based on this review, we give recommendations to augment and provide supporting structures that will support the secure development process.
We provide checklists and guides to help remedy security deficiencies in the development process. These may include but are not limited to:

Improvements to existing SDLC processes and patterns


Secure coding guidelines


Developer training


Risk management


Best practices


Testing procedures


Next steps (e.g. penetration testing, required government certifications or reviews, etc.)

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