The best software solutions are built by great people using proven design and coding practices to help your business achieve its goals. We specialize in solving technically difficult projects but also excel at the other challenges associated with custom software development.

One of the skills that sets us apart from other development firms is our ability to fulfill our client’s business needs. Though not a technically challenging task, per se, our ability to connect with clients at a high level allows us to consider their business needs when prioritizing and making critical project decisions.

Often, once we’ve worked with a client and met their most urgent and immediate needs, we continue to work with them, offering an ideal solution to their need for long-term, ongoing, evolving support and development.

Part of fulfilling our client’s needs means being willing and able to offer clients what they want. We strive to meet this goal by bringing the same flexibility that we use in our development process to our client relationships and services. Sometimes this means that we offer business consulting to help a client’s in-house team get pointed in the right direction. Other times it can mean getting a client to v1.0 of their application quicker than they could do with only their in-house team, and then executing a knowledge transfer that smoothly hands off development to their team. With many of our long-term clients, it’s common for us to take on the role of their development department.

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Our clients typically have complex requirements and high-performance expectations. Site Acts project teams can solve the most unusual and thorny problems — often where other developers have failed. When your project has its first hiccup, you’ll take comfort in knowing that our team has the depth of knowledge and the necessary skills to overcome technical issues that could not have been foreseen at the outset. That’s part of what we mean when we say we code the “impossible.” Our success working on a seemingly “impossible” project also derives from our ability to understand the correct solution to a client’s needs and being able to deliver that solution effectively. In our experience, the “impossible” is not always about delivering a highly complex solution. Sometimes what makes a task “impossible” is a misdirected focus that results in executing the wrong task, a task that should never be attempted in the first place. Our project managers are experts at identifying a misstep before it becomes the defining path of a project’s journey


Unlike many of our competitors, we are not language specialists. We work with clients to choose the best technologies for the long-term needs of their custom software development projects.

Taking the time to learn and understand the long-term needs and objectives of your project will enable us to recommend the best solution to accomplish those goals. Fastest to the summit may not be the best strategy after we understand what lies beyond the initial horizon. Knowing that your plans are to take over development duties following the v1.0 release will help us to select technologies that work well with the tools your in-house team is already using. Understanding that rapid and flexible updates are a long term necessity will help us make informed decisions about choosing a technology stack that supports that objective. Understanding that time-to-market is the utmost necessity could drive radically different decisions from a slow and steady strategy. Our goal is to create a solution that remains effective and relevant throughout the life of your project.

  • Cross-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and Wearables.


  • Responsive Web applications using proven technologies such as PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET, jQuery, Backbone, React, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

  • Mac and Windows applications, including custom device drivers

To learn more about our software engineers’ expertise, we suggest reading through their articles in our Developer Blog.


Our business revolves around taking a client’s vision and bringing it to life in a form that’s better than they imagined. Some of our clients are themselves skilled development shops; others are a few people with an idea and some funding. They come to us from every possible industry, often with problems and ideas that other developers have told them aren’t practical or feasible to tackle, in a word, “impossible.” We combine our clients’ industry expertise, domain knowledge, and requirements with our development practices to deliver great software. While buzzwords tend to come and go, the principles of quality software engineering are more enduring. In our experience, developing beautiful, efficient, and effective code requires great programmers who are capable of building that code while being flexible enough to adapt to a process that is constantly evolving in order to leverage the latest proven technology. Building on twenty-five years of experience, Site Acts has developed a milestone-driven process that is based on proven lean, agile development principles. We know how custom software development projects evolve, so, in order to build the software our clients need for their success, we have implemented a development process that embraces and manages the nuances of a project’s evolution. Our process is flexible and realistic and helps avoid the pitfalls of a rigid, or waterfall-based process. When a software project is too rigid, it will often miss the end target and inevitably require expensive, time-consuming rework. On the other hand, when a process is too loose, it will eventually lose direction, burn unnecessary budget, and fail to meet its objective. Our milestone-driven process helps avoid those costly mistakes.

Learn more about our Milestone-Driven Development Process.


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Site Acts has been designing and developing innovative custom software since 2002. We have built software for over 5000 clients from a diverse set of industries including education, aerospace, music technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and more. Coding the impossible.

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