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Let Us Create Your Software

Creating your own software can be tough and frustrating. Outsource your software project to Site Acts instead. Let us design and develop the software you need while you focus on your other priorities.

We Do The
Hard Stuff

(that other developers can’t)

We often create software for clients who have been told that their ideas are too difficult or impossible to execute.

We don’t accept that point of view.

Instead, we welcome the opportunity to overcome a challenge and deliver an exquisite software solution that supports our clients’ goals.

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How Much Does Software Development Cost?


What We Do


Software Solutions

Our Development Process

Top Software Developers and UI/UX Designers.

We’re the software company that other tech companies hire to solve their toughest problems. We thrive on finding, designing, and developing innovative software solutions, no matter how “impossible.”

Mobile Apps

Web/Cloud Software

Desktop Software


Do you have challenging software project?

Building software can be stressful, difficult, and, often, discouraging. Don’t give up on your vision. Let us create your software instead.

We live to code.

Our engineers and designers have been creating high-end software for over 25 years. We’ve built a reputation as one of the most trusted, reliable, and talented software development firms in the country.

Have you been told your software project is impossible or too difficult?

A lot of our clients heard that before they found us. We welcome the challenge of making your vision a reality.

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What We’re Reading This Summer

Summer is here! Just as we did around the holidays, we decided to share some of the books we’ll be reading over the next couple of months. Amy Cox I’m reading Japanese Tales of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library. Would like to get into the PFTFL’s volumes of…

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What to Do With Designer’s Block

I recently found myself completely stuck trying to decide on a blog post topic, when a fellow designer suggested I write about being stuck. Well, that’s a good idea. I grabbed some coffee, sat down to write, and immediately felt stuck again. What is it with…

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Site Acts Recognized for Quality Development on Clutch

We live in a time of true technical marvel, featuring new software and solutions that connect the whole world over. The impacts and implementations of these technologies are far-reaching, and their importance cannot be understated. To name a couple, the mobile…

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Respect the Style Guide: The Importance of Consistency in Design

If you want to earn trust and respect from your users and customers, consistency in your branding is crucial. Consistency means the tone, feel, and style of the company’s branding is the same everywhere it appears.

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My respect for your talents, skills, and work ethic are beyond comparison, and I believe you will continue to produce amazing products that shake the industries therein. Amanda Jackson

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Unsure of how to get started? Talk to us. No matter where you are in the process, we can help you. Whether you need us to design and build a prototype, take your project from concept to maturity, or build off the work of another team, we can make your idea a reality. We also step in when it makes more sense to lean on our expertise than to have an in-house team get spread too thin.

Generally, we are able to respond to inquiries within one business day.

Our headquarters is in Jacksonville, FL.

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Site Acts has been designing and developing innovative custom software since 2002. We have built software for over 5000 clients from a diverse set of industries including education, aerospace, music technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and more. Coding the impossible.

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